About SEGMENTS:2023

The inaugural SEGMENTS conference, SEGMENTS:2023 took place on May 16th at the New Orleans St. Charles. This one day event featured four sponsors (Broadpeak, Comcast, Qwilt, and Vecima), 32 speakers, and over 60 attendees. Presentations were 10-15 minutes long and divided into the “segments” of the workflow: Ingest, Content, Manipulation, Delivery, Playback, Analysis/Monitoring, Operations, and an overall Workflow category. Speakers represented a cross-section of the streaming video tech stack and included network operators, service providers (CDNs), technology vendors, and content owners.

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SEGMENTS was great. I loved all the focused presentations. It was very refreshing, addressing topics that you don’t often hear at other conferences.

Brenton Ough


Nicolas Weil

(Principal Product Manager)

SEGMENTS was fantastic. The speakers had lots of interesting things to say and the entire day was scheduled very well (and kept on time).

Chris Lemmons

(Principal Engineer, Product Development)

SEGMENTS was great. It did a great job of addressing the operational aspects of the industry, in between deep technical conferences like Demuxed and high-level business conferences like Streaming Media, with a great amount of high-quality speakers to go with that.

David Hassoun

(Chief Technologist, Cloud Media Solutions)

I thought SEGMENTS was fantastic. Lots of very interesting presentations to learn about what’s happening in the industry.

Megan Wagoner

(VP of Media Entertainment and Partnerships)

Nicole D'Cruz

(Senior Manager, Digital Presentation & Distribution)

SEGMENTS was great and really showed the breadth of the streaming topics covered by the SVTA.

Glenn Goldstein

(Consulting Product Strategist)

SEGMENTS was awesome. Great range of stuff across the workflow. Great audience, great speakers, great host.

Steve Miller-Jones

(Vice President of Product Strategy)

SEGMENTS had great speakers and a lot of content all through the workflow. Qualabs will certainly be coming back next year.

Juan Pablo Saibene


Great presentations. Fantastic people. The word “rocket scientist” comes to mind when thinking about the presentations. And the knowledge that was shared was incredible.

Rob Dillon

(Head of Product)


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